Beginning of Summer :D

Summer Getaway

Different people perceive Summer in their own ways. Some might look at it as a time to finally be able to put away school books and stresses away and finally have sometime to relax. Others might just want to get away and relax and maybe catchup on things they never had time for. Some unfortunate people might barely get a summer break and might have to still put on their shirts and ties and wake up early and go to work.

Summer still has its own charm and everyone can’t help but count the days to start of summer. The beginning of summer can mark the end of a brutal winter, the time to shed of the long worn coats and trade them for new shorts, flip flops and sunglasses. The time to start new hobbies or even just go out and buy ice cream.

I love Summer and the heat. I can finally get rid of the same winter jacket I’ve been wearing for months and just tie up my hair and finally have an excuse to spend my entire day watching tv shows and relaxing. I wish summer lasted forever especially with a view like this one. ❤


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